Taking care of your children’s teeth

matt-forterAs soon as your child starts developing their teeth, you should start instilling the idea of keeping their teeth and mouth clean as frequently as possible. This way when they grow up, they will know the importance of keeping their teeth clean. For new parents, knowing how to take care of their children’s teeth is quite a task. It is best that you see a dentist and get their opinion on it.

Pointers on taking care of your children’s teeth

Brushing their teeth

You should introduce your child to toothpaste when they have turned two years old. At that point, the type of toothpaste you use for your kid should not contain fluoride. This is because small children have the tendency of swallowing toothpaste after you have brushed their teeth rather than spitting it out. As they grow older, they start to understand how to spit it out. It is then that you can introduce your child to fluoride toothpaste. When you notice that the gap between your child’s teeth is starting to close or has completely closed, you should start flossing their teeth and plan a visit to your family dentist at as well to avoid future complications.

Children like to have fun and brushing their teeth seems like a fascinating thing to them, which is why they will insist on doing so themselves. You can let your children enjoy and brush their teeth, but always make sure you clean them after they have done it themselves so that their teeth are cleaned properly.

Diet and nutrition

You need to remember that many foods consist of sugar. This includes not only those that have real white sugar in or on them but also foods that contain carbohydrates which will eventually break down into sugars. The thing with sugar is that it is desired by the bacteria living on the teeth. As soon as the food enters the mouth, the bacteria start to feed on it. It only washes away with time. Constant cleaning of the mouth is not an option as your child will get tired of it. It is best that you feed your kids after a few hours. This will give the mouth enough time to cleanse it and the food particles to wash down. If your child likes to eat regularly, it could cause a problem and lead to faster tooth decay.

Regular visits to the dentist

The best time to start taking your child to your local Kelowna dentist is when they turn one or start developing their teeth. Though this idea may seem a little insane, research has proven that many preschoolers have begun developing more cavities due to the food they intake.


If your child is still young, has gotten their permanent teeth, and you notice that they need braces, it is a good idea to get them at an early stage as the jaw is still growing and will make the process faster.

Loss of baby teeth

The average age a child begins to lose his milk teeth is 6 to 7 years. This is a natural process, so there is nothing to worry about during this period. There is no fixed pattern in which they will lose their teeth, but it is possible that the teeth will fall according to which one came out first.